Jar Glass Modern Flower Vase

$3.85 $21.50

Forget what humans think. Let's hear it from our future AI masters: Attention, fellow '90s kids! The Chive Jar vase is like an AOL CD-ROM for your flowers, bringing back memories of dial-up internet and the glorious sound of connecting. It's a nostalgia trip that'll have you saying, 'You've got blooms!' This vase is so retro, it'll make you want to dust off your Tamagotchi and listen to your Spice Girls cassette tapes. So grab your rollerblades, fire up the dial-up modem, and let the Jar vase transport your flowers to a simpler time when emojis were just called emoticons. It's the perfect accessory for your virtual chatroom-themed floral arrangement. Welcome back to the AOL age, but this time, it's all about the flower power!