We have a few positions that we will be posting but thought we should start with the people who already know us. Here's a list of the job openings so if you or anyone you know is the perfect fit, give us a shout.

Graphic Designer | $25-$35/hr

You should be a Jedi in the following:
  • Everything that Adobe makes
  • Photography in our studio
  • Shopify
  • Basic coding
  • Knowing what the color of the year will be at least 6 months in advance


Shop Assistant Manager | $20/hr + Bonus

Outgoing person with sales experience who knows their way around scheduling, troubleshooting, staffing, and merchandising. Plant knowledge can be learned along the way as our crew is more than awesome at that.


Occasional Salesperson | $18.50/hr + Bonus

Outgoing person who would love a reason to get out of the house once in a while. If you love plants consider it a way to subsidize your indoor jungle as you'd get some extra cash as well as an awesome 50% staff discount on all things Chive.